Having Fun with FOAF

So I guess this couldn’t be a weblog unless it included a post on friendster or orkut. I have only played with orkut, and only a little but that doesn’t stop me from agreeing with the conclusions here.
A killer app for these services could be games. Collecting the most “friends” seems to be a game in itself but not a very interesting one.
Some better ideas:

  • Merge one of the these things with a game service like yahoo games to that its easier to find someone to play.
  • Keep scores in some kind of friend group fashion. My friends can beat your friends.
  • More interesting: Build games into the network. Scavenger hunts. You can only converse with your friends but you need to get information etc from someone distant in the network.
  • Where’s Waldo. Search for a specific person, by examining clues in their profile or profiles of thier friends. A GM could post clues on a main website and run the game






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