So even though I am not in the game industry anymore I did attend the GDC this year. Overall it was pretty fun seeing people that I haven’t seen in a while.
The trade show seemed smaller this year. There were a few companies that I used to see that didn’t seem to have booths on the floor. Havok was there but only in one of those gray box booths behind the scenes. I’d be hiding too if I was trying to get 100K for code library. I don’t think I’d be able to say that with a straight face in front of strangers. Also I probably wouldn’t want to talk to Mac developers who are being told “Mac Havok? What’s that?” as if it never existed or was never promised. Especially when a simple google search will tell you otherwise.
Didn’t see the new stuff from EPIC but everyone I talked to said it was the best thing in the show.
Also, on my first day there I lost my eyeglasses so until the new ones come in expect my spelling to be even worse than usual.






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