300 Million?

Some Excerpts:
Despite a $300 million investment, “The Sims Online” from Electronic Arts Inc. only has about 80,000 subscribers more than a year after its release, far short of the company’s stated goal of 1 million.
By 2008, 40.2 million gamers worldwide will be going online with video game consoles, says market research firm DFC Intelligence.
“There’s no denying that this is the next level of game play,” NPD analyst Richard Ow said. “The console business is all about multiplayer.”
At the electronic hangout “There,” users pay $5 a month to chat, buy and sell virtual items and drive dune buggies. It has gained tens of thousands of players since it launched in October. Its creator, There Inc., won’t say how many subscribers There has but notes that nearly half the users are women and 55 percent are over age 25.






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