Since most of my career has involved 3D graphics in one way or another, I am always interested in good applications for the technology. In effect, that’s what got me in the video game business in the first place. Since I have left the game business, the search for something to do with what I know about 3D has become more important to me.

However, I can’t think of anything less inspiring that 3D Desktops. Or in particular anything less interesting than this. This stuff is one of the best examples of technology being used to solve problems that users don’t have. Letting me spin my windows around and write notes on the back might make a good 5 minute demo but it isn’t going to help anyone get things done.

Personally, I think the desktop UI improvement with the most impact in the last 10 years was when Windows added a right-click menu to everything. It clearly presents the user with a list of things they can do with an object.

Has anyone seen a really good 3d desktop?






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