Give us pause

Bill has been making some good comments about evils of MMO games on his blog. One of the most evil aspects of MMO games is how they can dominate your real life. With devices like TIVO we have finally taken some control of our lives
back from the television. We can stop the show to answer a question or watch it
when it suits us. MMOs have no pause button. Sure you can quit at any time
right? But not without giving something up. After working (read waiting) for
hours to get to the right place in the right dungeon with the right team you
don’t want to stop for a minute to deal with interruptions.

Unfortunately this puts the MMO is a position above your real life. Which of the
following is more likely to happen?

Scenario 1:

“Hey Guys, I know we getting great XP now but how about we just stop for 30 mins
or so while I read my little girl a bedtime story and tuck her in”
“Sure, say hi to her for me!”

Scenario 2:

“Can you read to me?”
“Not now, Daddy’s busy.”






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