Thomas P.M. Barnett

Saw this guy on C-span last night. I don’t buy everything he says. He does give a great presentation. Its just so nice to see someone who talks straight about what they think and about what they expect to happen in the future.

He views the global security issues of the future as a relationship between the Core countries (what we used to call the first world) including China, and the Gap (old name 3rd world). As a kind of military strategy version of Thomas Friedman he thinks that the battle is between whether or not we are going to connect the Gap including the Middle East to the Core or put up walls. In his view Osama is all about putting up the walls and keeping the Arab world seperate from the West. Mr. Barnett is clearly on the other side. At the end of the day he is more of an optimist than me but then that’s no great accomplishment.

Some Links

Intersting thoughts on Iraq.

His book

and his blog

Btw, like most people who use multiple initials in thier name he’s pretty cocky and all that.






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