Me: so whats actually going on is “hidden” inside these functor/delegates ?

They: Its not that its “hidden,” but its abstracted to a level that is hard to trace.

Me: that is the same thing.

Joel says this alot better than I can. In programming, we create abstactions all the time and for lots of good reasons. We don’t code in assembly much anymore and all that. But the point is you don’t want to abstract something unless you completely understand it. You should never make some abstract layer to hide the messy details that you don’t understand. You should should hide the tedious details that you understand so well you can do them over and over in your sleep. Wrapping your thread/message library in a bunch of sugar will only cause you more pain if you are doing it as a way to not have to think about what goes on in there. Don’t copy some object template structure from some book on C++ until you understand it and can rewrite it without the book.






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