Bush and 9/11

Most people I talk to that are voting for Bush cite his great personal character. Frankly, the issues aren’t as important. In this time of crisis we need to choose a leader who has the moral makeup and steadfast resolve to lead our great nation. Bush has demonstrated who he is by the way he handled the 9/11 crisis.

I think I see what they mean.

  • He had the presence of mind be able to continue reading a children’s book, even as the nation was experiencing its most serious terrorist attack.
  • He showed courage and leadership in this time of crisis by choosing to hide out at various military bases while most Americans wondered if more attacks were coming.
  • He demonstrated a positive attitude about the future by opposing any investigation into the events leading up to 9/11.
  • Even though he flip-flopped on that, he maintained his opposition to focusing on the negatives of the past by refusing to testify in public as a matter of principle. Well, until he started to look really bad, when he showed what a strong person he was by sending Condi Rice over.
  • He demonstrated his belief in the principle of partnership by insisting on testifying before the commission with Dick Cheney at his side.
  • During the hearings we learned that, he understood the priorities of the nation so well that when he found out that Osama was trying to attack the US using airplanes he did NOTHING about it. Instead he went to Crawford for more photo ops of him “working” on his ranch.






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