Reducing Our Dependence on Mideast Oil

Its generally agreed that our (and the world’s) dependence on Mideast oil negatively impacts our National Security. However, the market forces in place make it very difficult to reduce or eliminate this dependency. The fact is that we won’t transisiton to the hydrogen economy until we have to, and so we will be sending money and American troops into the gulf states for quite some time to come.

The conventional wisdom is that we need to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels in order to address this issue. However, even if we did have the will to do that (and we don’t), it would only slow the onset of the move to alternative energy sources. It might be that the right approach is to use up the world oil reserves faster and get it over with.

Hmmm. I wonder how much it would cost me to buy a Hummer so I can do my part?






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