Worst Link Today

This is about the worst of the arm chair quarterbacking google articles I have seen. Do we really have to frame everything in software as X vs Microsoft?

The crux of the whole article is this statement:

The search industry is the next place in which a vast architectural empire could be built. Some portions of the emerging search space are now occupied by Google, others by Microsoft, most by nobody. But in the end, there will probably be room for just one architecture.

And there is really nothing in the 8 page article to substantiate the conculsion that there will be room for only one. Except I think the observation that google’s offices are near the old netscape ones.

Google and Netscape aren’t the same. Some key differences:

  • Google already makes money
  • Google already gives thier product away which makes them tough to undercut on price.
  • Google isn’t stupid enough to run around saying how they are going to put Microsoft out of Business

Still I think GOOG is probably overvalued by at least a factor of 5. But then like I have said before, I wouldn’t take stock advice from me






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