The means are the ends

Anyone who thinks that you can defeat you enemy by becoming like them has merely forgotten what the fight is about. Its disgraceful enough that 10% of the senate thinks torture is ok. Its even worse that the executive branch is trying to get around it.

For those of you in the crowd that think its ok to torture some bad guy if it saves us all from a nuclear attack, it would be more honest if your little morality play was based on fact. For example, we didn’t fail to stop the 9/11 attacks because we didn’t torture enough witnesses. We failed to stop the attacks because we failed to act on the information we had. Also, Abu Ghraib didn’t do anything for the war on the bad guys except to create more of them and contining this evil policy will only beget more evil. Bush and His buddies would know this if they actually read thier Bibles instead of using them to divide people.






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