SEO The Newest Turn Based Strategy Gambling Game

Inspired by Markus I have decided to play around with adwords and affiliate marketing. To be clear I have no illusions of making any real money but its still fun and I like to learn new things. To date I have spent under 10 bucks and made $0, so I guess that makes me a loser. It is fun however playing the CTR game with MSN’s Adcenter and Google’s Adwords.

Basically the game works like this: You bid on some keywords to put up your ads, then you look to see if any people actually click on them. Over time you get a feel for which ads work the best and you try to tweak them to get higher Click Thru Rates (CTR).

Its like playing a game with the universe of googler’s out there only they don’t really know they are playing. You spend time waiting for the stats to update before your next turn but that gives you plenty of time to have a real life or earn actual money.

For the record I like Adcenter better than Adwords. My CTR there is better and I can more easily make custom ads. Also Adwords tends to decide my ads/keywords suck and so it wants me to bid more for them but I’m not playing that game. This one is too much fun already.






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