Its a fun day to watch Fox News

Or read the right wing blogs. Its so much fun to see them try to find a silver lining or make their point about what this means about the GOPs future direction. Its so much fun because they sound like the Democrats have after the last few elections and its just nice to be reminded that political hacks of either stripe are really the same animal.

Since the Democrats did better than I expected, Ill count this as a victory for the Anti-Bush party of which I am a member. I don’t know if this is the first time a Secretary of Defense has been ousted in an midterm election but I will take it regardless. For me the important issues are:

  • The Bush legislative agenda on behalf of the oligarchy is dead.
  • If James Baker can come up with a better plan for Iraq then someone is actually going to listen to it.

So the bad news is that Joementum is sitting in a pretty powerful spot. But that won’t really change the good points. I don’t expect the Dems to make things much better. I just think they will slow down the rate that things are getting worse and for now, I’ll take that.

Oh and the market was up today too.






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