I went to El Salavdor a few weeks ago and had a completely wonderful time. Unforunately, I got sick when I got back and it took a long time to recover. I learned the hard way that having low energy can lead to pretty bad feelings of depression etc.

Usually the best cure for this for me is a good bike ride but with the cold and rainy malaise that passes for fall around here I was stuck with relying on Daily Show videos and ZeFrank. These were ok, but what really helped get me through was xkcd. While PandaXpress is the WebComic to rule all other webcomics, xkcd was just what I needed at the time.
In particular this one:


and this one:


Of course you have to be a real geek to fully appreciate xkcd which makes it all the better for me.

Especially this one:







2 responses to “Xkcd”

  1. Rob Avatar

    Yay! Another xkcd convert!

  2. Jonathan Avatar

    I’ve seen xkcd and like it. Haven’t seen PandaXpress it looks good as well.

    FWIW – My favorite web comic is MegaTokyo.

    Originally they wanted each comic to work as a standalone – but now it’s pretty much a straight up manga serial. Christian digs it – it’s the first thing he’s really sat down and read. Teaching your 9 year old l33t-speak so he can read a comic is kinda weird.

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