Doubling Down

A long time ago I was in Vegas watching a man gamble his money away at roulette. He was betting red or black and mostly losing. But he was determined and each time he lost he would double his bet thinking he would make up the next time and be back to where he was, or even get ahead. I watched for a while till finally his “luck” ran out and he lost 4-5 times in a row. Mathematics ended up trumping his resolve.

I think the supporters that the President still has left also admire his Resoluteness. The difference is the President is playing this game with other people’s money and the lives of their children. Its not admirable. Its pathetic and disgusting.






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  1. robmon Avatar

    A big difference between the normal Vegas gambler and Bush is that the regular vegas sucker has an ATM limit per day or maybe this weeks paycheck. Bush has spent his monthy paycheck and moved on to take out a multi-generational mortage on our house. He has blown it all in a very short time because he’s sure to win on the next spin of the wheel “I gotz to win dis one, i’ve had a streak of bad luck… it’s time for a winner…25K more troops on black… gosh… red again… damn, must be a terrorist spinning that wheel…. attack Iran on red…damn….” We should go find him in the casino, grab him by the collar and throw him out and hand him the divorce papers. We will have to get a second job to pay the bills but the kids will be better off in the long run.

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