The Secret Life of Machines

I don’t watch much TV anymore. I watched enough when I was younger to last for a couple of lives.

We only get basic cable which luckily includes the Discovery channel so I get a Myth busters fix every now and then. We get the coveting channel too which has Living with Ed which is also pretty fun. I am also glad we don’t get Fox News or any news channels for that matter since I am a recovering 24hr news Junkie and really don’t need the temptation. C-span is kind of like methadone for me.

I have never seen a full episode of 24, Lost, Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, or even the Simpsons. I did try to watch Lost once but there were way too many flashbacks to the plane crash sequence for my taste and I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I have enough trouble flying as it is.
Its not that I’m above wasting my time watching TV, its just that I waste too much time in Bloglines to have much time for TV.

One of my favorite shows from the past was The Secret Life of Machines. All of the episodes are now online. Including one of my Favorites which is all about The Fax Machine. Its not for everyone. But then niether is xkcd and that’s why they are both awesome.






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  1. rgmb Avatar

    I’m having deja vu since it seems I could have written this article. Although I’m taking advantage of the coveting channel; I want that house!

  2. Nikto Avatar

    Well my daughter makes sure we enter for the house EVERY day. So, Good luck with that…

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