Second Hype

Every time I think the PR hype machine that is Second Life will come to an end, reality steps in and proves me wrong. I guess there is no end of Celebrity X Appears in SL stories to write and the press seems total happy to print them no matter how inane they are. Here’s a quote from one from today from Arianna Huffington:

A lot of people who want to explore different possibilities, they can now do it in Second Life instead of, say, leaving their wife — fulfilling some other fantasy. Why not experiment? I think Second Life will save marriages.

Umm yeah. or not.

There’s alot of people with SL accounts. Sometimes they even have maybe 1% of the number of online players WOW has. Some people think that SL is on track to becoming the 3D metaverse, the replacement for the internet that nerds have been waiting for since “True Names”, or “Neuromancer” or “Snow Crash”.
The problem is that SL isn’t the Metaverse.

What it is is a walled garden with a crummy client, a clunky interface, and alot of Sex chat. In short it is AOL not the WWW and in the end it will be viewed in the same way.

Which makes the moniker “Second Hype” even more apt.






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