Form Failure

I really hate filling out forms even well designed ones. But I really really hate filling out stupid forms. He’s a part of a stupid one I just recently had to fill out.

Picture of form

Do you see the problem? You might think my problem is that it asks me for both my Date of Birth and my Age when that’s clearly redundant. But that’s probably just an issue of some stupid database design that includes both fields. I might be able to view that as some kind of self check built into the form but I’m not really feeling very charitable.

The real problem with this form is that I’m expected to write someone’s name, phone number, AND relationship to me in less than 1 inch. At this point the only phone number I’m interested in is the one for the person who designed this form so that I can call them and scream. I know Medical costs are rising and we are trying to cut the fat out of the system but I think we could afford at least a 2 inch line to write on.

Oh, did I mention this is the second time I have had to fill out this EXACT form at the SAME office?

I go back again tomrrow. Maybe I’ll get to fill it out again. I think there is space to write 911/God/God.






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