Cliche Antonyms

I have a really obscure hobby of collecting Cliche’ antonyms. My theory is that for every good and true sounding cliche’ there is an alternate one that means basically the opposite. This is convenient since we can pull out this “wisdom” to satisfy whatever point we are trying to make at the time. For example, maybe you are deciding between moving some money from a safe to a more risky investment. You could say:

Nothing ventured nothing gained

If you want to take the risk Or you might go with:

A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.

If you want to decide that its better to stick with what you have. You could take your time of course making the decision, realizing that:

Patience is a virtue

Or you could act quicky since:

He who hesitates is lost.

So maybe that’s really all these cliche’s are for, sort of like little wisdom flash cards we can pull out to wave around when we need to make sense of what we are thinking or just to stop thinking about it too much. Anything you look at closely enough tends to get more and more complicated and sometimes we need to put up some kind of familar sign that says essentially, “lets not look into this any more deeply”. There isn’t time to understand it all since:

There’s a big world out there

even though:

Its a small world.






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