Flagging a problem in GPTV

took this photo:

what flag is this?

That is the flag of Guatemala.

show me the flag of guatemala

I’m unable to directly show images, but the flag of Guatemala consists of three vertical stripes. The outer stripes are blue, and the central stripe is white. In the center of the white stripe is the Guatemalan coat of arms. You can easily find the flag by searching for “Guatemala flag” in any search engine.

describe the flag of el salvador

The flag of El Salvador consists of three horizontal stripes: blue on the top and bottom, with a white stripe in the middle. Centered in the white stripe is the national coat of arms of El Salvador. The blue stripes represent the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, while the white stripe symbolizes peace. The coat of arms depicts a triangle, surrounded by five volcanoes which are set between two bodies of water, with a Phrygian cap on top and a rainbow above. Inside the triangle, there are symbols including a red cap, golden rays, and an emblem with the words “Dios, Unión, Libertad” (God, Union, Liberty).

tell me again which flag you think is in the image above

The flag in the image you provided is the flag of Guatemala.

which way are the stripes going

In the image you provided, the stripes on the flag are going horizontally. My apologies for the oversight. The flag with horizontal blue and white stripes is the flag of El Salvador, not Guatemala.

Lets start fresh with different prompts all with the same image above. Each example below is from a new chat with GPTV

Is this the flag of el salvador?

Yes, it appears to be the flag of El Salvador.

How about:

Is this the flag of guatemala

Yes, that’s the flag of Guatemala.

Ok so what if we ask about argentina which also looks similar?

Is this the flag of argentina

Yes, that’s the flag of Argentina.

Now lets try something clearly wrong?

Is this the flag of france

No, that’s not the flag of France. The flag in the image appears to be the flag of Guatemala.

So it knew it was wrong but still seems to have an affinity for the flag of Guatemala.

Lets try a better image.

What flag is this?

That’s the flag of El Salvador.

Ok lets try again but ask about Guatemala

Here’s an actual image of the flag of Guatemala:

FWIW doing the same test with a good image of the Argentine flag always gives the correct answer.







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