Google Earth and KML

Let’s say you have a KML file and you want to import it into Google Earth. Maybe its a parcel polygon you want to visualize.

You can easily import the file and see your polygon displayed. Now comes the interesting part. What if you want to share this? You can’t really do it because this is a “Local KML” file and:

Ok so the other option is to make a Drive project:

Here’s a fun fact about Drive projects. They can’t import KML files. You have to draw the polygons by hand.

There’s another way if you want to use Google MyMaps which almost no one knows about. It does allow you to import a KML file and then share the map with someone else.

It even has a “View in Google Earth” Feature. Which you can then use to get a URL for Earth.

There still seems to be no way to get the polygons into a Google Earth project.






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