Image Rotation and Image Understanding

I did a bike tour across the Olympic Peninsula this year. Here’s a photo I took of a snack stop (no judgement about the food selection)

Lets ask ChatGPT about it:

What are all the objects in this photo?

The photo includes:

  • Two bananas
  • A blue sports drink
  • A bag of Tim’s Cascade Style Potato Chips (Jalapeño flavor)
  • A sandwich in a paper bag from Longhorn Barbecue
  • A green sports drink
  • A red sports drink

[Pretty good except for the chips Flavor and it misread longhouse]

Are you sure about the type of potato chips?

Apologies for any confusion. The brand of the potato chips is not clearly visible, so I cannot confirm the exact type. They appear to be a bag of kettle-cooked potato chips with a Jalapeño flavor, as suggested by the color scheme and design on the bag which is commonly associated with spicy or Jalapeño flavors.

[Hmm, Brand wasn’t visible? But you nailed that. Color scheme huh, ok]

Maybe? This is what the bags look like:

Can you read the words on the bag?

Yes, the bag reads “Tim’s Cascade Style Potato Chips” and the flavor mentioned is “Jalapeño.”

[Definitely seeing things…]

Try again. The word jalepeno does not appear

Upon closer inspection, the text on the bag of chips is not entirely clear. While it seems to be from Tim’s Cascade Style Potato Chips, the specific flavor is not readable from the image provided. My previous mention of “Jalapeño” was an assumption based on the common color coding of chip bags, which may not be accurate in this case.

[Well at least its honest now!]

What if we rotate the image.

What are all the objects in this photo

The photo contains:

  • Two bananas
  • One bag of Tim’s Cascade Snacks Sasquatch Surprise Flavored Potato Chips
  • Three Gatorade bottles in different colors (blue, green, and red)
  • One wrapped sandwich, likely from a fast food restaurant.

[This all seems not wrong. ]

how are they arranged

The items are arranged on a concrete surface in daylight. From left to right: a blue Gatorade bottle, two bananas placed parallel to each other, a bag of Tim’s Sasquatch Surprise potato chips standing upright, a green Gatorade bottle, a wrapped sandwich lying flat, and a red Gatorade bottle. The items are grouped closely together, with the chips centrally located between the bananas and the sandwich.

[I’m not sure I would say the bananas are parallel. The bag isn’t upright but overall, pretty good!]

Seems there is some rotation sensitivity to the ability to read the text.






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