Category: Rant

  • Politics, Complexity and the next big Outage

    I worry a lot about how complex the world is and how unstable that makes things. 

  • AGI and SuperIntelligence

    How should we think about the timeline for AI and the prospects for Super Intelligence

  • Hype that is hard to ignore

    Digital technology has changed many things about our lives since personal computers became a thing when I was in high school. Convenience, Communication, easy access to information etc. It’s hard sometimes to remember how we did things like travel before there were smartphones. The pace can feel faster and faster. In the last decade though,…

  • things i want.

    A Laptop that will power its USB ports even when the laptop is off. Like ACC mode in car. To be able to donate to candidates but if they don’t do what they say then I get the money back. A smart phone that doesn’t suck and is open. To delay getting bifocals as long…

  • 10 things I learned in the Game Industry

    Since I’m currently in my latest attempt to quit the game industry, I thought it would be good to make a list of what I learned. Alpha Blending covers over way more sins than you think it will. The best Game design comes just borrowing ideas from other places and iterating. See any game by…